It has been a peaceful week at the resort.  Leaves are just starting to change


Cool beautiful nights to enjoy dinning out with the furry locals


This is as relaxing as it gets


Some though don’t relax and find projects to do.  The front landscaping of Muskie has been on the to do list for a few years.  We had a no show this week and a few days open on Muskie so the guys got to work


Thinking and getting a plan together.


More thinking and discussing…..  think we should consult the paving stone expert?


In comes the paving stone expert.  Craig has laid hundreds and possibly thousands of paving stones in his projects and has a system he loves to share


His system involves some specially made measuring wood you see laying on the pavers.  He did not share his secrets with me so I can’t tell you what it is but Steve knows and that is a good thing.  All the pavers went in level and uniform


Thumbs up to a project done. Less sand will be tracked into Muskie now.  Some perennials and a drainage mound are yet to be finished but the hard part is done for now.  Those who love Muskie I think will like this new improvement.  Those in Holiday know that is next on the list.  May take til spring but there is discussion of what to do down there to help the drainage.  Just happy this one got done for now


Back to pretty lake pictures



We do have cabins open this week starting on Saturday the 24th.  One cabin left open for next weekend