Another beautiful fall day in the Northwoods.  We had 2 days of very rainy nights.  We got 3 – 5 inches of rain depending on who’s rain gage you listen to.  The lake went way up to the highest levels we ever see


A whole lot of rain, leaves and pine needles came down filling the swimming area.  Look closely and you can see the level of the lake is even with our wall.  That is a crazy level of water for our lake


The new dock starting to go under water.  The guys were going to take the dock out today but with the high lake they decided to wait til next year


Crazy lake level!


Instead they decided to take out pontoon number three along with a bunch of chairs.  Just one pontoon boat left for this weekend


Steve cruising to Hilltop much more relaxing than trying to get out a flooded dock

One cabin left for the weekend and three that open up on Saturday if you need a last minute fall trip.  Beautiful days on Lower Kaubashine