November is here all the boats are out of the water and things are getting ready for winter.

Sad to see all the green boats all stacked up but happy to not have to bail them anymore


I am posting this picture as a lesson for all.  I went to turn off Muskie Inn today after a group left.  They very nicely cleaned out their fireplace before they left.  The problem is the left the ashes next to the building.  You can barely see the smoke that is coming out of the bucket.  The ashes were smoldering and about to put those small chunks of wood left in the bucket on fire.  The next thing that would have happened is the fire would jump to the side of the cabin.  We almost lost Kaubashine to a similar senerio 10 years ago.  When we got to Kaubashine we had flames going up the side of the cabin and the fire department got here in time to get things under control

The lesson in this picture is ALL ashes no matter if you think they are out or not should never be stored anywhere near a building.  That is why our garbage cans are located across the driveway from the cabins.  We have metal garbage cans for the ashes to go in.  One spark is all it takes.  This is a picture I hope to not see again.  I am using this picture to teach others with this blog entry.  Many of our guests do not have fireplaces at home and are just not aware of how dangerous this picture is


On a happier note it was a beautiful weekend and we did have a few folks roll some of our boats at the lake into the water for one last boat ride

Next weekend we do have several openings beginning at 130/night for Bayview and Shamrock will be on special of 150/night for up to 4 people.  Kaubashine, Wigwam, Norway, Muskie, Holiday, Bear Den and Red Pine are all open.  Give a call if interested in escaping.  With the stress of the elections it might just be what many need to avoid looking at the TV for a couple of days