Penny says….  Steve has been up to something….  Dragging me to Menards with the truck, lots of noisy bangs, dropping a bucket of paint and barely missing me….. ignoring me and my needs for him to constantly throw a ball for my entertainment while up on ladders


Menards trip was for the remaining roofing shingles needed to complete Shamrock.  It has been warm out and Steve and Troy have been getting a few things knocked off the list that we thought would be spring projects.  Shamrock seems to be the cabin benefiting the most


Next thing you know it is almost 60 degrees and the stain bucket comes out.  He also got all the trim around the screens that has been on the to do list since the to do list was created.  Missing pic is the 1/4 bucket of stain sailing out of Steve’s hands and Penny ducking and avoiding being turned into a brown dog


That was a close call.  Now about my ball and throwing it….




Beautiful November days at the resort