November has its own special feel at the resort.  Each season offers its own beauty you just have to look for it



Right now 1 boat left in the water


All others flipped over and ready for winter



November means septic cleaning time.  No worries the truck is just here for a couple of days and all is covered back up and life is good again.  Nothing gathers the Black family around a hole quite like a septic truck in the driveway


Steve and Troy have been working on a few last before winter projects.  The gas shed got some siding beautification.  I know Craig in Arizona will enjoy this picture.  What other resort beautifies their gas shed?


Continuing on from the fireplace warnings from a week ago.  This is another site that I see way to often that scares me.  Fireplaces are not a place to use charcoal lighter fluid.  The damage that can be done by this is crazy.  We supply plenty of kindling an paper in the cabin and out at our wood shed.  Please do not combined these two things.  Besides the dangerous fumes when it burns off the lighter fluid burns too  fast to get the fire going.  Please, please, please may this be the last picture I ever take of lighter fluid by a fireplace


Most folks know I make socks on my circular sock machines.  Many knitters out there are yarn addicts that buy way more yarn than they will ever be able to use in the life time.  If you have a bag or just skeins of sock yarn you don’t want to suffer with turning a heel bring it up to me and I will run it through my machines for 12 dollars a pair.  Time to clean out your cupboards and bring your extra sock yarn on vacation and return home with socks made out of it.


Back to enjoying the quiet of November

We are now full for Thanksgiving weekend.  We do have openings for Christmas to New Years.  Put a sign on the door to the relatives that you are gone for the holidays and need up north for a stress free time in a cabin.  No relatives allowed unless invited