We had many families up this week giving thanks and spending time together

The Robinson family spent their 3rd Thanksgiving with us.  They have enjoyed the resort in just about every season now

Barb Hanagan was up with all the rest of the Urbaniak families.  She was enjoying some quiet moments putting this puzzle together before cooking.  I have seen many folks put this puzzle together it is a favorite


Barb’s sister, Sue with all of her family of Urbaniaks.  Sue and Ron and their kids have spent many Thanksgivings at the resort playing games and enjoying cooking.  This year they had a small change moving to Norway.  See you next June in Kaubashine!


Then there is the Naperville Urbaniaks.  I caught Claude ready to carve the turkey.  Everyone else was in full relaxation mode before heading down to join Ron and Sue and Barb and all the rest of the family in Norway.  Leave the knife in Wigwam Claude.  Never arrive at the relatives with a carving knife in hand

Claude and Leslie had their picture book of vacations spent the resort dating back to 1993.  Lots of fun times and this was their first Thanksgiving at the resort joining Ron and Sue

Our new family for Thanksgiving the Gutierrez’s.  Spent lots of time enjoying the snow and the quiet of the resort

The Evans crew was up for the 18th year deer hunting on our land across from the resort.  They are responsible for the deer stands you see on our hiking trail.  They saw lots of doe this year but no bucks yet.  The game was on and time to sit back and wait of the turkey to cook


The Walstad guys were just getting their turkey in the oven when I stopped by.  They are on their 3rd year staying with us and hunting public land in the area


The Finn Family with lots to be Thankful for down at Bear Den.  Some might remember George and Kelly’s wedding at the resort a year ago in October.  Lots of good times with this family on Lower Kaubashine


Paul and Pam Zaremba with their kids Danny, Steven, and Lauren and of course Oscar in the middle.  They were having a very thankful and special year staying in Craig’s cabin, Blackwood down the road.  As of January 1st they will be the happy new owners of the cabin that we will continue to take care of for them.  Lots of happy smiles with this family enjoying their first of many years of Thanksgivings in their own piece of the Northwoods.  Congrats on buying Blackwood!  Hope to see you up enjoying it as often as you can.  Craig gave Paul instructions on how to drain and close up the cabin… stay tuned for May to see if he got it right


We were thankful to have all of our boys together for Thanksgiving and some Game of Thrones around the dinning room table.  Jake and Ben were both home from college from Saint Norbert and Lawrence.  Grant was happy to have two others to help wipe the dishes