The holiday is over and so is the snow temporarily.  Cold temps and more snow is in the forecast.  This picture will be changing very soon


The resort is empty and that means the guys have quickly invaded for a project.  Wigwam is getting some new windows.  Much more energy efficient and easier to clean.  The old ones were a pain to take out and did not get washed as often as they should have.


Back side of the cabin with  new bedroom and bathroom windows.  We are hoping to order two more for the first two bedrooms but have had a small snafu in the ordering….  Craig’s favorite window maker has sadly passed away and now we have to find a new window source unless his family is taking over


Lots of discussion going on…


Good time to clean behind them with all the beds moved out of the way.

What project is next?  I am hearing Holiday’s new floor has been ordered and they are heading to Holiday next week