We had a bit of snow come down last night.  This snow is going to make great stuff to play in for the Christmas to New Years week


Steve and Penny happily got in the truck for a round of plowing


Steve’s favorite job in the winter.  This new truck we got last winter makes plowing a dream


Troy’s gator still snowed in this morning.  Troy comes behind as the clean up hitter getting what the truck misses


Bear in the front yard not completely covered yet but on its way


We love these snowfalls until March 1st, then we look forward to spring

Til then it is time to come play in the snow.  We have not checked the ice yet for how many inches of ice but after that last cold spell we are assuming we will be setting up the ice skating rink this week

Still time to call for cabins for Christmas through New Years.  Don’t wait they will disappear fast

Off to make some cookies and cranberry bread