Our snowblower was acting up and we have been back and forth to town getting it fixed.  We ended up borrowing one from a friend while ours is getting its carburetor fixed.  The fix it guys just did not catch how important our Christmas hockey game was and the need to get a rink blown off.  Troy happily got this bigger snowblower working right away


A lake full of snow and a gassed up snowblower.  Where do you stop?

If you are smart…..


You find a kid home from college and put him to work


Yes Ben you need your gloves on

Ben’s comment: “I am a college curling prospect and we don’t do snowblowers.  Our ice is inside and perfect.  We don’t need gloves inside the Curling Club”


Ben enjoys a challenge even if it is inferior ice to the curling club and not perfect


The rink is ready for Christmas Eve.  Let the fun begin

Come on up and see if your family can handle a good game of hockey on the lake