The flakes are flying today.  These two flakes were enjoying the 5 – 8 inches of snow we are receiving today.  It is all fun to them.

This will be one of the best weekends to enjoy the winter this weekend.  Give a call if you need to be a flake too in the snow like these two


Other flakes were enjoying the warmer temps and splitting some wood for summer.  Splitting wood in the falling snow is fine.  Splitting wood in the cold from last week is not so fun.  The warmer temps and the fresh snow are a nice combination


It is starting to pile up on the old boat shed.  Notice there is not a red Old Town Canoe on top of the green boats.  Steve has taken it out for a special project.  The Old Town has been sitting in the shed for about 30 years.  It is not going in the lake but has another special spot picked out for it.  These 4 green old green row boats are some of the last old wood boats we have.  We will come up with a use for them at some point.  A couple of them are old Thompson Boats and one is a Rhinelander


it is pretty out in the new snow