We had a lot of snow come down last night.  8 plus inches of new snow and more coming as I type.  It is definitely winter in the Northwoods.  We have one cabin left for this weekend if you want to come up to play


Mach objects to Penny hogging the blog yesterday and insisted on being in the pictures today.  The star of the show


Following us down to the beach and wondering where did the skating rink go….


Hinting that he would stay and watch if we both grabbed a snow shovel.  The snow blower sounds better to me


Boats and raft under a fresh coat of snow


When the orange ladder holders disappear we know there is a lot of snow.


Back to plowing and shoveling


Here is Steve’s project for when the snow is all moved.   This is a 1928 Old Town.  It will not be floating in the lake anytime soon.  Steve does have an idea of where it will look great stay tuned


He called in a canoe expert.  Roger Darcy an old colleague of Craig’s.  Roger gave Steve a few ideas on where to start

Back to shoveling snow