We had a bunch of the local foreign exchange students stop by with our boys to play hockey.  We had the countries of France, Norway and Germany represented on the ice.  Most of them had skated but never played hockey before.  Christian from Norway guaranteed me the ice in Norway is slicker than the ice here.


I caught this great sequence of photos as Christian tested out our American ice for the first time


I could not duplicate this picture again if I tried.  It was completely be accident.



We had some melting and freezing and the ice was clear.  Even though it gets different colors in the ice it is all safe


Grant and Christian warming up the ice for everyone else


Game on the face off


Grant snags the puck while Christian recovers from our slippery ice


Game on, all nations on ice!


France has the puck on the side line.


At this point Christian decides it is time to get serious on this slippery American ice


Ben recovers a puck in the snow as Germany breathes down his neck


The Gibson boys defending from the Norwegian onslaught


It went on like this for over an hour.  They came up cold and hungry from the ice.  Happy to experience something they had not even in the wilds of Norway.  We do our best to help with international relations


The spectators to the international hockey game

Our temps are going up this next weekend but we have so far managed to avoid the rain and snow is still in good shape.  This coming weekend might be a great one for warm hockey games on ice and almost spring like skiing at Winter Park.  Troy and I may even break our skis out for an adventure on a ski trail.  We like skiing in the warmer temps.  I still have 6 cabins open starting at 160/night Fri and Sat and 130/night mid week call for details