Temps in the upper 30’s and great snow it was time for Troy and I to put our skis on.  So far we have avoided all the rain everyone got to the south.  The snow is still in good shape.  We are going to be warm the next few days.  Hoping the snow pack hangs in there.  I think it will be fine for skiing and ice fishing.  Snowmobiling not so much…  For Troy and I this is our favorite weather to go skiing in


We headed 15 minutes from the resort to the Raven Trail and did the green loop as our first ski of the season we took it easy



The woods full of snow


Our shadow selfie going down the trail


We made it to the shelter.  Quick rest and time to head back


Trail in great shape!


The Trees along the Raven Trail are awesome.  Lots of different forests from cedar to hardwood


Time to get out and enjoy the warmer temps and the snow conditions