We had the Randel family up this weekend.  It was a warm weekend and icy but they did a great job finding stuff to keep their girls busy.  Ice skating, sledding in Lake Tomahawk at the town park, building a snowman and trying out the pinball game in the office where their high lights.  It was not a perfect weather weekend but the smiles on the girls faces say it all.  Better than staying at home in the brown south.  Life is too short to wait for the perfect conditions to go out and play


There was some ice fishing going on at the lake this weekend.  Warm almost spring temps and the ice fishermen come out.  This group was set up on the sunken island in the middle of the lake.  They were not guests at the resort so I did not get the fishing report from them


We have definitely lost some snow over the week.  You could barely see the boats and raft a week ago.  Hopefully they are covered up by snow again soon and we get back to winter.

Learn a lesson from the Randel family and make the most fun out of what you have to work with and smile.  Life is short