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The Tungett sisters, Eleanor and Linda at the horse shoe tournament this summer in honor of their Dad, Roy.  The Tungetts are one of our many families that date back over generations spending 50 plus years at the resort.  Linda sent me some fun pictures from the summer of 1963


Linda and little Eleanor swimming in Lower Kaubashine.  They have not changed at all


The beach as Linda remembers it from her childhood.  The dock has changed to an L and the diving platform is not on the raft but not much else has changed.  That is why they like it.  No surprises, they know what they like and return every year to what they love and what has been a part of their family as long as they remember.  Summers on Lower Kaubashine sitting on the dock


Big brother Dave with Eleanor and Linda.  I am assuming Wildflower is in the back ground but not positive


The horse swings that today are enjoyed by their grandchildren with smiles to match Eleanor’s


Marilyn their mom soaking up the rays on a warm afternoon


Eleanore sitting by the crappies her dad, Roy caught.  Never a summer without crappies from Lower Kaubashine

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See you and the Tungett sisters and brother Mike back at the lake this summer in your happy place.

Times change and so do we but the feeling you get in this spot is what gets you through the other 50 weeks of the year till you are back at the lake with family and friends