I took a drive out to Winter Park this week.  Because of new snow fall  I took the plow truck.  Camp 9 road can be an adventure in driving I have learned the hard way that involved a tow truck.  1/2 of the road to Winter Park the town plows sparingly as it is the snowmobile trail as well as road.  Dodging snowmobiles along the way and looking out for skiers is a must along this windy road to Winter Park


You know you are getting close to the park when you see ski crossing signs


One of the newest additions to the park in the last couple of years has been snowshoe trails.  Trails dedicated to just snow shoes.  It is a beautiful trail but I did not have time for a snowshoe.  Had to get back to the resort


Back at the resort the guys have been busy cutting into the pile of wood.  Steve has a mission and it is one big pile that must be destroyed


Because the right side of the shed that is dry is getting thin


Next summer’s wood supply drying through the winter


We had light snow coming down all day through the pines


The door is open if you find yourself in the Northwoods.  We have 2 cabins left this weekend.  I just updated summer openings on the website look on right side and go to summer 2017 link