We have stayed cold enough to keep our snow and the lake is safely frozen for now.  We are headed up to 40’s for the next few days starting tomorrow.  Hopefully we hold on to enough snow for folks to play in after that as it seems winter is not done looking at the forecast for last week of February and first part of March


We had this very interesting letter from Clifton and Lulu Keith from the 20’s forwarded to us through a guest from an antique dealer.  It is I think what was used as a brochure in the 20’s to describe the resort and the area.  Some of the descriptions are hilarious.  They did not include silverware with the cabins.  Folks were supposed to bring this up with them on the train or car from Chicago?  The garages they are talking about are our boat and wood sheds today.  They were built to fit a model T car into them.


This part of the letter I like the description of the farmers cows being certified at the store where you can get milk


Top left is the blue print for the newly built Bayview, Wildflower and Restawhile, top right is the original much smaller Birchwood, bottom left is Kaubashine with its 2nd porch which was enclosed later to become a bedroom, bottom right is Muskie and our house formerly known as Chipmunk

It was a fun find.  We are framing this sheet and will have it on display along with a few other remnants of the Keith days from 1918 – 1946 that we have collected

I also forwarded a copy of this to Clifton and Lulu’s grandchildren who I am in contact with on Facebook.  They loved seeing the old piece of history and follow along on the blog seeing the place their grandfather built still around and in business

We have one cabin left this weekend.  I will be updating snow conditions over the weekend.  If you are in Madison Friday night keep and eye out for our son Grant at the state swim meet where we will be while Steve and Craig keep the resort running while we watch him swim