We had warm temps the last few days and the maple trees have started flowing.  I took this picture before the rain on Monday.  We have lost lots of snow but have a major snow storm coming with 9 inches to a foot on Thursday into Friday so winter is not over yet.  The maple trees are waking up but are not doing huge sap runs yet.  We tapped 40 trees around the resort on Sunday


Hunting through the woods for which trees to tap.  Tapping an oak is the most embarrassing thing you can do with tapping trees


Tapping the last one before sunset on Sunday


While we were tapping we had folks enjoying the first campfire in the pit by the playground.  Snow shovels make great fire fanners


Ice fishing Monday morning.   As of Tuesday afternoon the ice report on the lake was 12 inches of ice.  Still safe for walking on but not for ATV’s


Earlier in the weekend we took the trip to Madison to see Grant swim in 3 relays and 100 freestyle in the state meet for division 2.   He is 2nd from the bottom in the black suit.  It was great to see him swim and to get out of the Northwoods for a day but happy to head back to winter from the brown south.

Hopefully we have a couple more weekends of winter in the Northwoods