If you did not notice there have not been any new blog entries this week.  That is because Troy and I headed off on vacation and left Chris and Amanda Moran in charge of the resort and Mack.  Chris was ready to cook maple syrup for us if the trees went nuts while we were gone.  Thankfully it was a bit cool and the trees stayed mostly asleep while we were gone.  Big thanks to them for watching the place for us!

I get asked a lot where and how do we get away when we live at the resort.  Well this is the answer


Chris moved the office of the resort out on to the lake.  Who would not enjoy an office like this.  The commute almost required ice skates.

Where do you go when you live at most peoples idea of a great vacation spot…….  Vegas Baby…. Vegas!  We were not sure if we would like it as we do not gamble and are not huge drinkers.  Well here is how to thoroughly enjoy Vegas without gambling


We loved walking the strip and seeing all the craziness.  The environment was amazing.  People watching and walking the streets was something else.  We headed to see the free shows at the Billagio with the fountains and the Mirge with the volcano.


The best part was driving off away fro the strip each day.  We rented an economy car but they ran out of economy and offered us a Camaro and threw in a tank of gas for the poor fuel efficacy of the camaro.  How could anyone say no to a camaro in Vegas.  This was our slot machine win and we throughly enjoyed it.  Headed to Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon and Ring of Fire State Park.  Really wanted to take this car home and make it my new cleaning vehicle.


This was Troy’s favorite picture he took.  We were at the west rim of the Grand Canyon


One difference between west and the more popular south rim is NO GAURDRAILS!  People taking selfie pictures backing up and looking at the screen and not where they were going.  I can’t believe they don’t have people fall off every day.  It was some of the best people watching we have ever done with the best scenery


For those that only know Troy for working around the resort here he is at the Blue Man show.  We thorughly enjoyed 7 shows.  If you want a funny story ask Troy about going the see Marc Savard Hypnotist and sitting next to me with lack of sleep and one drink before the show.  Beware of combining those combination of a drink and lack of sleep before going to a hypnotist is all I will say and Troy will agree


Living at the resort I take lots of folks pictures in front of their cabins.  I love taking other peoples pictures on vacation for them.  These great guys from Mexico where amazed that this blonde lady offered to take their picture for them in her halting high school spanish.  They had been battling how to all fit in a selfie picture wit the Hoover Dam in the back ground.  Meeting people this way was so much fun I probably took 200 pictures for people over the 6 days and met people I never would have before asking “want me to take your picture for you”

Troy had fun taking pictures of me taking pictures of other people


Here is my favorite picture I took of him at Ring of Fire state park one hour from Vegas.  It has some straight roads with dips that are meant for a camaro to fly through.  I learned to warn my passenger before accelerating as Troy almost ate his sunglasses that were tangling from his mouth the first time I punched it


We will miss this little car and our adventure.  Vegas was a great place for two people who’s kids had deserted them for spring break.


Yes this penny came home with us as we could not figure out how to put it in the slot machine at the Luxor

While we were gone all the commercials that the state of Wisconsin filmed at the resort went out.  If you go on Travel Wisconsin right now you will find Black’s Cliff plastered all over the front page.  It is a little crazy.  I hear from those to the south that the commercials are playing on TV.  The orange and white raft and the red and white ski boat are front and center with the Thompson family on TV.  Get your reservations in now as I expect me phone to go slightly nuts this week