We were home one day from spring break and next thing you know there are projects going.  Birchwood is getting a few new windows.  I will miss the old french window in the bathroom, but when I pay the heating bill in the winter I will not


Here it is with the new window in




After.  These hard to clean and hard to open windows I don’t think many will miss.  I know I will not


Finishing them on the inside


Being able to easily slide the windows to open will be a novel thing instead of propping them open with a piece of kindling


We got our maple syrup cooker going.  We found this old kitchen stove from the cabins hidden in the back of the shed.  It is working again as a maple syrup stove.


Water is steaming off the sap and the fire is stoked

Maple trees are still running and should be running for the next week or more.  Lots of cooking will be going on


But it is still cold at night and we still have to collect frozen sap out of the  taps.  Hopefully this is the last frozen collection of sapsicles we will have this year


Steaming pots of sap outside on the cooker and inside on the woodstove.  Frozen sapsicles melting in the cooking sap

If you have not checked out the new commercials filmed at the resort last summer by the state of Wisconsin here they are.  Look for them on your TV coming soon all over the mid west