For the 2nd morning in a row we woke up to no electricity.  Sunday night we had 70 degrees and a big wind storm go through which knocked out the power and last night 6 plus inches of heavy wet snow and yet again no power.  This is a sight that makes you pull the covers up in April and go back to sleep except for no heat and no power means get out of bed and start a fire


So far from the snow storm we have only found one tree down so far.  The big pine by Kaubashine’s dock.  Not sure how we are going to get this cleaned up….


That was a lot of weight on those limbs to crack that tree all the way up the trunk




This definitely gets in the way of dropping off water skiers at the dock..  Something will have to be figured out


Another tree thinking about taking the plunge but will have to wait for another storm



Except for the month of April it would be a pretty view



The wind storm Sunday night took out this spruce in the back of Wigwam.  We are waiting on the tree service to come take it down.  If we try Wigwam will get hit so we are leaving this one to the professionals


Thankfully this one is caught up in an oak tree over the cabin.  It is not going anywhere.  The tree service has been too busy the last 2 days with trees hanging in much worse spots.  Til they come this one is not going anywhere we hope.

Enough with the storms!

If you did not notice I added June 17 – 24th in Norway to our openings for Summer 2017.  Our list is quickly shrinking.  If interested give a call 715 356 3018