Spring has sprung along with all the spring dock work.  Time to get to straightening the docks


First things first, finding the best wadders that do not leak.  Then rounding up the docks


They like to wander away when not anchored down


Getting all the boats out of the way is a must


And the work starts.  I think Troy will tell you this is his least favorite job to do.  Steve made it easier the last couple of years renting a really good sprayer that makes the job much easier than before.  It is a cold wet job to work on


If you missed these pictures on Facebook the other day, we lost one of our big pines in a heavy wet snow by the lake  It landed right in Kaubashine’s boat parking area.  Time to move it a little down the shoreline but how to do that?  First cut off all branches that you can


Attach a rope.  Just another day at the office


Start pulling with the winch and cutting off branches as you go


Down the shoreline you go


This will make a great fish habitat just not in Kaubashine’s boat parking area.  I can imagine the lures caught in this tree in the next years


They tucked it into the shoreline a bit and the fish will love it