Spring is springing around the resort.  Snow is all gone and it is slowly starting to look green here and there

Spring clean up of leaves has been in the last week and we are slowly shaking the shaggy leafy look of early spring


The Day Lillies sprouting up in front of Birchwood


Chives I planted in Birchwood garden are also sprouting up


I think this is the first Lilly of the Valley poking through or it is a stray Day Lilly


Lots of dock work is going on getting all the docks straight.  The ice broke off some of the supports so we have a bit more work than usual a the lake this year


Boats floating and waiting to head in to the docks


Slowly repairs are being made and docks are ready for summer


Mack looking for his friends the bluegills in the shallows.  Last summer they nipped him in the legs when he was wading and he took to dog fishing for the first time.  He would wade in the shallows and dive head first after them when they were swimming between his legs taunting him.  For a couple more weeks the bluegills are not in the shoreline until the lake turns back over and the warmer water is in the shallows and not in the deeper water.  He will have to wait to go fishing for a couple more weeks


Meanwhile his younger and not as smart counter part Penny seems to have a problem.  She got out to the raft but can’t figure out how to get back to shore