Been off the blog for awhile due to the space bar on my computer deciding to quite working.  I managed to keep my emails checked on my iPad but the blog did not happen til today when my computer came back.  So peaceful pictures are the theme today


Green chair at the lake is what we all need


Swing beds are all set for summer as we are spring cleaning all the porches and freshening everything up.  Nothing says relaxing like a swinging bed looking out at the lake with the wind in the trees


Some other people have not been relaxing.  Instead Troy and Steve have spent more time in the lake than they would like with wadders on getting all the piers back in


I happily watch the dock going in.  My job was to keep the blue rails straight as the guys pulled the end of the dock out to deeper water.  They are looking at their feet as they are balancing on green chairs in the water trying to keep themselves dry in the deeper water.  Of course Troy was the one that ended up with the water going over his wadders. He took a trip to the sauna to warm up


The old red boat came out of storage for a paint job.  It will be flying across Lower Kaubashine before we all know it


Back to enjoying the quiet of the lake.  I took this picture down at Red Pine while the guys drained out the paddle boat

We had a cancellation on Wigwam August 12 – 19th if anyone is interested.

Plenty of cabins open for the fishing opener for this weekend starting at 130/night.  Muskie’s might be spawning in Cedar Falls this weekend