Warm spring days have spring popping around the resort


Lots of painting going on


Steve got the job of testing out one of our new motors.  This year we invested in 4 new, yes new, Evinrude 4 stroke motors for the boats.  Two 6 and two 9 horse motors.  Steve was headed out for the maiden voyage of one of the 6 horses


Just another day at the office.  Some people have such a rough day at work


Back to real work.  Troy and Steve have been working away at the new steps into Norway Pines.  They have quite the project down there.  We meant to do this to Holiday too but time is short this year.  It might have to wait till fall


They now just have the porch to build by Friday when folks check in


While they are working on that I have gotten a lot of the porch doors painted.  In the spring we sometimes think paint brushes become an appendage living at a resort


Then there are reports from the south as to what Craig is up to.  Last reported he was headed to Mexico on a mule…. the rest of that story you will have to ask him for this summer.  A picture tells a thousand words and I wonder what tales this pictures has to tell