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The party was here this weekend.  The Jung family descended on the resort for their annual birthday weekend.  There is someone in the family that is always celebrating a birthday that ends in a 0 or a 5.  They have decided that each year they are getting together no matter what and celebrating whoever is the 0 or 5 birthday.  Nice way to keep the family together.  They say they just don’t have time in at home to all get together and having one weekend a year designated for the family at the resort is what they are going to do.  This is the 3rd year as a group getting together at the resort

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I found a few members of the family getting ready for their party weekend

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The best use of a laundry line I have seen

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While they were partying we were painting.  Ben was back from his first year at college and we put him to work painting beach chairsIMG_2451 (1)

Lots of boat painting as well was going on this weekend

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Ever wondered how many anchors it takes for all the boats.  Where here is the answer.  Most of them are paint buckets filled with cement

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When tired of painting green Bear Den and Red Pine both had their docks painted

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Leaves are just starting to pop out at the lake

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You can feel summer is not far away

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The lake is calling

We are going to go nightly on our remaining June cabins.  Here is a list of cabins we have left for summer.   We are going to break up the openings on Shamrock June 10 and Norway June 17th nightly.  You have to start or end on a Saturday with a 4 night minimum.   Give a call for details 715 356 3018

I also did not add to the list Restawhile July 8 – 15th at 1240/week this just popped open and will not last long

                                                             Memorial Day Weekend

Norway 3 bdr 260/night 3 night minimum

Wigam 240/night

May 29th – June 2nd 

Lots open at our lower spring rate call for availability

June 2 – June 10th early summer rates

We will do nightly rentals for these cabins with a 3 night minimum

Wigwam 3 bdr 1150/week or 205/night Fri and Sat and 170/night mid week

Norway 3bdr1250/week or 240/night Fri and Sat and 190/night mid week

Holiday 4 bdr 3 and 4th 475/2 nights

June 10 – 17th

Shamrock 1620/week or nightly 240/night 3 night minimum beginning on a Saturday or ending on a Saturday

June 17 – 24

Norway 3 bdr 1720/week

Located at the end of the resort in a nice quiet location

July 14 – 21

Bear Den 4bdr 2545/week up to 10 people

August 12 – 19

Wigwam 3 bdr 1620/week

Labor Day Weekend

Blackwood 2 bdr 3 night min 185/night

Wigwam 3 bdr 3 night min 240/night

Bear Den  4 bdr home3 night min 375/night