It is still a little quiet in the Northwoods for a few more days


Because it is quiet the guys feel the need to pull things apart.  They were fixing the drainage for Holiday’s lake the appears when we get lots of rain.  We are out of time this year to completely redo the entrance to Holiday but atleast they go the water flowing better for this year.  Next spring they have plans of a new deck and entrance to the cabin


Meanwhile Steve was putting his thinking cap on to finish up the stairs at Norway.  Railings and maybe a seat will be part of the master plan before it is all done this week.  This feels like the project that goes on and on, but it is really looking good


You might have heard we purchased 4 new Evinrude 4 stroke motors for the boats.  Steve and Troy had to break them in and run them through their paces.  Both of them were very happy with the new motors especially Troy.  The motors use less gas and are much quieter than the old ones.

We purchased a 40 horse Evinrude 4 stroke for our ski boat and were amazed the first time we took it out.  You could carry on a conversation with the passanger with out shouting with one another while taking skiers


Taking off for a spin around the lake


Penny was a very happy co pilot with Steve.  Troy has his own boat in the foreground

I posted our remaining openings on our website for summer.  Click on the link on right side.  We are going nightly on our remaining openings through June 21st see the website for details or give a call 715 356 3018