Mack would like to know what happened to his safe water free beach last night.  He is very confused


Yesterday the beach wall was nice and safe and today after the storms of the last 2 days the beach has been invaded by water


Wondering where exactly the drop off is and where those darn blue gills are that like to nip him in the back legs


Over by Kaubashine and Shamrock the dock was just about under water.  This is I think the highest I have ever seen the water.


Our new motors almost went under last night.  I am not sure how many inches of rain we got but it was a lot

We also as usual lost electricity for 20 hours.  Happily we got it back about 3 pm today and the boats were all safely bailed out

Hopefully it dries out and we can get back to painting and getting the resort ready.  On a happy note the office building got cleaned out and ready for summer and….


Steve and Troy got a new drain system for Holiday’s Lake Black that occurs during heavy rains.  Hopefully this works well for the next summer draining away Lake Black.  If not see Steve and lodge a complaint