We see the light at the end of the tunnel on the weather.  It has rained everyday since Mother’s Day.  That has caused the water levels to reach record amounts.  My brother in law Bryon took this picture on the Raven Trail in Wooodruff of Clear Lake.  It shows how crazy these water levels are.  They are claiming we will see the yellow ball in the sky later today so we can start drying out


Some of our biggest spring projects are waiting everything from anchors, chairs, docks and cabins in the spring.  With weather like this it has put us far behind in those projects.  We had to get creative and bring the beach chairs in the basement for their annual paint job.  The raft may or may not make it for Memorial Weekend as it needs atleast one good day of drying to get dry enough to paint.


Thankfully projects like putting in the pontoon boat and cleaning it can be done on rainy days.  We have 3 of them in the water so far and running smoothly


Pontoon boats do require one thing to be launched and that is the key…  Had to save these two who were trying to paddle from the launch to the resort and gave up.  They were happy to see me with the key in hand


We have had folks up all month enjoying the cabins.  This was my favorite guest so far stopping in to pay her bill.

We are now booked Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Weekend.  We have nightly openings up to June 21st and we still have Bear Den open July 14 – 21st if anyone is interested check out the website for details on opening on the right side or give a call