Bentley had a big day with Grandma and Grandpa.  Morning started out with Grandpa Mike at Paul Bunyans.  The bear was something he was not too sure about


Bentley was much happier when the donuts came over being close to a bear


When grandpa catches a Northern 2 inches bigger than you are it is a little much for a little guy

Grandpa Mike caught this nice 32 inch northern.  Bentley was just happy the Northern did not get him and grandpa kept him safe


Bentley was much happier when the Northern was on the table.  Grandpa can’t wait till Bentley is big enough to go fishing and catch Northerns with him


Having a lot of fun with the crappies and blue gills that grandma Ruth helped grandpa catch.  Fun to chase them around in the bucket.  Insert sounds of a baby squealing with excitement while trying to catch much smaller fish than the northern.


Time for Bentley to take a nap and fishing with dad.

It was  big day for Bentley and Grandpa not sure who had more fun

Thanks to Grandma Ruth for sharing the pictures of Bentleys big day

See you next time Bentley when grandpa has a Mickey Mouse pole ready to take you out on the lake and find more monster Northerns