Very exciting time for our family. Jake and his fiancé Michelle graduated from Lawrence University in Appleton this weekend.  A very big congrats to them.  They are graduating with degrees in Biology and Religious Studies.  Both are also getting their teaching certificates and are starting out in Appleton next fall finishing up their student teaching and then heading off into he working world teaching.  They are returning to the Minocqua Area and will be helping out at the resort this summer along with their other jobs before their wedding August 5th.  Very proud of these two and happy as they start their lives together


Our expanding family we could not be happier


Just as Jake and Michelle received their degrees a storm hit the Northwoods.  We got panicked text messages just after the ceremony from Steve that we might want to hurry home and stop and get a couple more generators for the resort as the area was hit but a major thunderstorm.  We rushed home and bailed Steve out along with a bunch of boats. The lake level once again is at record levels.  We were out of electric for 2 hours along with most the Lakeland Area.  We are ready for some drier days


Calm after the storm


Mack doing his best to lower the lake level. Keep drinking Mack!


The first dunking of a cousin occurred with everyone ready to get in the lake after helping get the resort cleaned up after the storm.  Katie’s twins were easy pickings for older cousin Grant.  Cousin Dunking


Bad stormy weather makes you appreciate nights like this at the lake