We had a rainy and sunny week at the resort this week.  Just when the lake levels start going down we get more rain, so the lake is still up.  The changing weather has made for lots of pretty pictures.  The blooming flowers on the hill have enjoyed the rain.  The mosquitos have not been bad so far but we are waiting with all this rain to see what happens with them


We had lots of folks fishing last week.  This was my favorite sight.  Three generations of Urbaniak fishing ladies headed to the lake with their worms


With all the fishing has come a bit of a smelly dumpster.  Everyone tries their best in these heavy fishing weeks to double bag or bury their fish remains.  We still manage to have to come up with creative ways of keeping the dumpster from stinking.  Ashes from the fireplaces, baking soda and a tarp have been what works the best.  We are very happy when the dumpster is picked up


With all the wet weather we have had lots of roofs to keep clean.  Jake got the task this week of blowing off all the roofs


Activity picked up this week at the beach with the arrival of the Johnson Family.  The sisters bonding in the kayak learning to paddle together as they argued who was steering


Their older brother and sisters forming a heart with their arms at the raft


Then the big jump in.  Summer is here

Now to dry the lake out a little