We spent a cool summer solstice swimming at the lake late at night.


It has been a cool week and everyone has been making trips to the woodshed


The Kloida family enjoying a cool evening around the fire.  Everyone would love it to be warmer but it is not stopping families from enjoying time together


Steve and Troy have spent time this week fixing up the canopy pontoon with new carpet.  It should make it in the lake next week


Katie has spent a the cooler days working on some paintings to sell in the office.  This owl is 85 and joins her luna moth, dragon fly, robins and loons in the office.  Stop by the office to see her art work.  She takes requests for orders if you have an animal you are looking for

We just booked out the last cabins for summer and are now full up to Sept 4th.  Give a call for openings after Labor Day