The Tungett kids have been coming to the resort since they were little kids.  Linda, Mike and Eleanor spending another summer on Lower Kaubashine.  Missing those who have passed but enjoying time spent with each other that is priceless and to be enjoyed




IMG_1506 (1)

Linda and Eleanor in the early 60’s at the lake.  Linda making sure Eleanor stays safe even if she is the one wearing the life jacket and little Eleanor is not



Recreating that picture in 2017.  Linda is still the safe one and her dad, Roy, mom Marilynn and brother Dave would be so happy to see her wearing coast guard approved life vest and that she is still keeping an eye on little sister Eleanor.


We had another picture recreation.  Mike and Michelle Tungett daughter Amelia and my sister Katie Black’s son Sam back in the mid 2000’s


Here they are today in the same pose

Time goes on and kids grow up but they still return 10 or 50 years later

Recreating these pictures was fun and thanks to everyone for taking part and  bringing us these pictures.


My sister, Katie also just dropped off more of her painted disks.  They can hang on the wall inside or protected outside.  These are all 85 dollars each.  The dragon fly is latest one she has made


Katie brought the owl new last week these are also 85


The loon is twice the size and is 150

If interested in any of Katie’s works or if you have a special request for an animal or bug for a painting message me for her contact info at

We are now booked out till Sept 4th for the entire resort.  Fall reservations are steadily coming in.  If you are looking for something in the fall give a call.  I will start posting 2018 openings tomorrow