4th of July week means one thing.  Time to pole dance with horseshoes and head to Hilltop for the annual tournament with everyone in the resort.

The brackets were made in the 2017 Roy Tungett Horseshoe Tournament.  Roy was smiling down watching it all take place and happy Tom made all the brackets balance out


Early warm ups for those who take it more serious than others


There are those who come for the game


There are those that come down for the entertainment with their own couch


There are those that come down to enjoy the good food that always follows the tournament or ordered from the bar at Hilltop from Mary Ellen


There are those who go for the joy of playing with their sister and getting a ringer


To help get a ringer and Kaubashine Cooler from Hilltop is a must


In the end our runners up were Carrie Vandersteeg and Phillip Cass.  Phillip was thrilled as his name was on the pony plaque for non winners and he knew he could finally take his name off the plaque


The big winners in the end were Molly who was playing in her first tournament and Eric Snodgrass who’s son Graham immediately stole his crown with a big smile and wore it all night


After the resort picnic Phillip got to remove his name and add his brother Tony in yellow behind him to the plaque


A toast was made to Roy as we rehung the plaque on the wall in the office till next year.

What a great thing you started so many years ago corralling everyone off the beach to head to Hilltop despite all the groans of the sunbathers.  Thanks to Roy


Another award was handed out by Katie and I.  Eleanor Tungett Vandeventer was inducted into he honarary movie club at the resort for all of her continued years at the resort.  You will have to ask Eleanor for the list of benefits this club brings with


Eleanor in awe of her new power as the president of the movie club at Black’s Cliff.  If you want membership see Eleanor.


Mine!  I can’t get enough of movies!   Coming soon, Eleanor’s top picks on a shelf all to herself

Good Times!

Thanks to all who participated in this fun night

See you in 2018 for horse shoes.  Back to practicing