Warm balmy breezes perfect days to be on the lake


We had an interesting person stop by.  Stephen Streed who has not been to the resort since the 60’s stopped by to check out the place he remembers from his childhood.  His dad painted all the old signs in the resort.  The original Black’s Cliff gate sign was one of his dad’s signs. Whenever he came to the resort Maynard had a new sign to paint.  Stephen himself learned the trade from his Swedish Dad and is a sign painter himself to this day

1958 Streeds

Here is a pic of Stephen’s brother, sister and dad at the resort in the late 50’s.


Here are a few other signs of his dad’s that we had in the basement


Lots of work going on this week.  Grant and Jake on garbage duty their favorite thing to do on their day off from their jobs in town


Steve contemplating how to safely get this leaning birch down


It took a few choice words and a few tries but it finally came down


I caught the loon family.  The baby loon is slowly getting bigger


We had a big high score at the pinball game this year.  Phillip  was the big winner from his family getting 58,498 points beating out his brother and parents for crown of pinball champ.


When driving into the resort drive slow and watch out for sleeping dogs who think the middle of the driveway is the best place for an afternoon nap

The life of a resort dog is very stressful