We deal each week with the rollercoaster of emotions from the worst thing to do on vacation, deflating the floaties.

You know vacation has come to an end when it is time to pack up the floaties

Friday afternoon I need to put prozac in the water for everyone who needs to leave the next day who have to deflate and so does their mood

To get ready for…


All the new people coming in who are ready to party and do everything at once.

These folks each Saturday need the opposite of prozac until their Friday comes around and they have to deflate their floaties


Till then it is floatie time!


Nothing better than time spent with a floatie and first grand child in the water with matching hats


Others enjoy time in the old red ski boat.  Paul and John drove this boat every afternoon for skiers at the resort back in the 70’s and 80’s.  The old red boat has been taking skiers at the resort since Maynard bought it new in 1956.  New motor last year and the boat became famous in the Wisconsin Travel Commercials this summer.  There is nothing like an afternoon pulling skiers in this boat.  It comes out this week every year and these guys love their afternoon feeling like teenagers again flying across Lower Kaubashine


Pauls advice to new skiers never changes.  Tie the rope around your neck three times and yell hit it

The look on Ali’s face when he said that was priceless


Leo Hodes stopped in last week.  He brought his pop tops along on vacation.  He collects them along with all his students in his math class in Indianapolis to bring up and leave for 4 girls he has never met.  We collect tops all year long for all of our guests to give to the Chu girls this coming week who deliver them to the Ronald McDonald House in Minneapolis.  The girls are amazed each year at the pile of tops that grows bigger each year.  Leo’s pile is at an all time high and we appreciate him and everyone else who brings their tops on vacation and leave them for the Chu girls

We used the Ronald McDonald House a few years ago with one of our boys and it is truly a wonderful organization that we are happy to support all year long

Bring up your tops!  This week I will post a picture of the complete pile of tops from everyone in the resort year round who have dropped them.  It is quite a pile!  We might have too many for one wheel barrow this year


We have a busy week ahead getting ready for our oldest son Jake getting married next Saturday.

I will try to keep up on Blog Posts.

I also have a computer that needs to go in for some work as the V button is not working and needs replacement.  We shall see if I can blog from an iPad for a week