We took some time out to head over to our spectacular zipline 10 minutes from the resort.  Troy and I had not gone since it opened and were amazed to see all the changes and added things to do


Jake and Michelle are getting married on Saturday and wanted something special to do with their wedding party and parents before the wedding and they could not pick a better thing to do


Ben and Grant could not make it but here is the soon to be united by marriage, Johnson and Gibson Families ready to head out on the zip line together

A family that zips together stays together

Keep in mind I do not like to be dropped or heights but I love zipping.  I did it the first time on this course and have yet to find a better course in the state of Wisconsin.  The flying through the tree tops and over the lake on the last zip are truly amazing to do.  The crew at this zip line walk beginners and nervous people through it for all to have fun and feel safe.  If you ever have thought about doing this this is the place to go


Before I get into the zipping.  They have added some great things.  The first of which is a ATV adventure


Josh at the zip line has arranged with an amazing game farm just south of Hazelhurst a ATV course over 900 acres of a game farm of deer.  Wander around the game farm and in one spot through a pond in these cool ATV’s that go through water and land in search of the big bucks in the preserve.

Troy and I might have to come back for this


Josh also sets up folks to kayak down the Tomahawk river with a guide.  The Tomahawk is a great place to spot wildlife and enjoy a quiet adventure down a river


Back to zipping we took off in their trailer up to the zipline


Our great guides along for the ride.  They are great at calming the nerves of first time zippers

Great hands to be in through the tree tops


Jack a first time zipper and the best man in the coming wedding was a bit nervous in the first zip but really got the hang of it and enjoyed every minute despite a bit of a fear of heights


Troy zipping in on the first small zip that warms you up for the ones to come


Now this is sailing through the tree tops


whew…. this is more work than the beach steps at the resort


The bridges are some of my favorite walking up to the tree tops.  They move a bit but you are strapped in the whole time


Coolest bridge!


We got a preview of their ropes course.  I know we will be back for this later in the summer.  The ropes course also has zips in it that are not on the main biplane course.  Can’t wait to give this a try


More of the ropes course below the main zipline


Jack and Claire pooped out and waiting for the 2nd group to make it through the course.

Missing pictures are the 2nd to last zip that takes you over 1000 feet long zip over a lake.  By the time to get to this zip you are so ready and it caps off a great adventure.  It is hard to take pictures while over the lake so check out Northwoods ZipLine home page for video and pictures of this amazing zip over the lake

With all the new things they have to do at the zipline we are already planning our next adventure back after the wedding