We have had a busy week recovering from the wedding, moving Jake out of the house and welcoming our new German Exchange student who will be staying with us for the next 3 months.  If you know any German stop by and say hi

This seagull was not moving off the raft.  Perfectly happy on the perch


Moving the Newly weds to Appleton for their student teaching assignments.  Jake will be student teaching Environmental Science at Appleton West and Michelle will be student teaching with 1st graders in Appleton


The loon family stopped by fishing.  Still happily mom, dad and baby doing well


Every year I catch the Walsh Family fishing for  big bluegills.  3 generations fishing together that is what it is all about


For others it is a peaceful row across the lake


For others it is making sure corn holes are placed at just the right measured out distance across.

No cheating in corn hole for the Deluca family


Had a very nice lunch this week at PJ’s burger barn in Woodruff


We usually eat inside and were happy to eat on their patio today. Great burgers and nice patio even in a light rain.  Need a place for lunch or dinner we recommend stopping in