Fall is in the air with Labor Day Weekend here.  Color is popping out here and there.  This leaf was suspended by a cob web in the middle of the air


The Jorgensen crew enjoying a bottle of Loonshine by the fire pit.  Raspberry was the flavor of the day freshly bottled


When your good friend from college owns a resort and you come and visit for Labor Day Weekend you get put to work.  Mike stopped in and we needed to get a cabin cleaned so he got put to work.  He has over the years helped us get motors going, put roofs on, helped do garbage and on a cold January night helped Troy get the TV going in Bear Den.  Always something to help with when he stops by. Now we know he can make corners on beds as good as the military


A day of rain and we were putting everyone to work bailing out the boats


Noah and Charlie heard that the going rate for cleaning out the paddle boats was 2.00 each in dimes for the pinball game.  They were quick to help out and get the paddle boats sparkling


Of course one had to drop his sponge in the lake and that required getting wet and swimming to the bottom to get it out


Drop a sponge….. who me?


Charlie was proudly showing off his clean as a whistle paddle boat


Yeah for swimming and dimes for the pinball game!


Someone else I know was just happy to watch all the boats get clean 


Moon rising over Lower Kaubashine after a day of rain



Quick sunset ride in the old ski boat with Elias our German exchange student.  This was his first ride in the old boat


Here is to quiet evenings on Lower Kaubashine and getting a little help from friends