The fall colors are starting to be seen around the resort


We had a vistor on the playground this afternoon who was not afraid of anything.  The deer was more interested in eating acorns than a gold retriever who wanted to chase it into the woods



Meandering through the playground


The fawn also had no fear


The dog could be held back no longer and these two went bounding into the woods laughing at the slow dog behind them


Beautiful weather the paint brushes have come out.  Steve giving Bear Den a fresh coat of paint 

Troy has been working on the railings at Holiday and Restawhile and many of the cedar chairs around the resort are getting some stain to keep them looking good.  It was a wet spring and we missed getting a few of these painting projects done so the guys are getting some stuff done before next spring


I had a delivery today of my Christmas yarn for my sock maker.  This will be knit up into socks, headbands, and fingerless gloves.  Socks are 32 for women, 35 for mens sizes, fingerless gloves are 28 and headbands are 20.  Let me know if you want to order any to   Once the Christmas yarn is gone that is it till next year  It is some of the softest yarn I work with 75% wool and 25%nylon and soft as can be


Here is what it works up looking like


If your path brings you to the Northwoods this weekend we have 3 cabins left.  Give a call 715 356 3018.   The rest of fall is quickly booking up.  Give a call if you are thinking of heading to the Northwoods