We had quite the storm roll through yesterday.  The temps dropped 15 degrees and the trees swayed in the winds.  Happily we kept electric on.  Our electric lines were buried this last summer and we are hoping storms like this knock our power out lot less.  So far so good


Annette took these pictures of the storm rolling across the lake and shared them with me as I was dashing around the resort closing porch curtains


Seagull unfazed by the thunder and lightening


I had some great helpers this morning helping me bail out the boats. 


Had to teach them the trick of stepping all your weight on the back of the boat to get the water all in one place.  


Now to sit back and enjoy these summer like temps

We have a few cabins open for Beef A Rama next weekend.  Call for details.  Beef A Rama is an experience.  Look it up on google to appreciate its craziness