Sometimes guests go to the same places all the time and enjoy those same places like a good pair of shoes.  There is comfort in the same pair of shoes but sometimes it is time to try a new pair and see how you like them and run down a new road

Bob and Tammy Robotka love their trips up north.  Bob has been coming since he was a kid starting in the late 60’s.  We were going to go out to dinner with them and they challenged me to come up with a new place for them on a Tuesday night in September.  They listed off their favorite haunts in Minocqua they love but wanted something off the beaten path.  Tuesday nights atleast 2/3 of the restaurants in the area are closed so that does pose a challenge.  I thought for awhile and asked them if they would like a small drive.  They were game and off to Boulder Junction we headed 30 minutes from the resort.  

Our first adventure for Bob and Tammy was to take them down this beautiful side road we know and drive along Trout Lake.  If you are following the bike path to Boulder this road is along that bike path and absolutely beautiful.  It winds along Trout Lake for about 2 miles and then goes back out to Hwy M


Views like this is why you take this road.  Trout Lake always has wind and waves.  There are several spots along the road to stop.  This is also part of the bike trail and you can start your biking adventure and park along it to bike into Boulder Junction.  Bob and Tammy are already planning their biking adventure for next summer with their daughter Kelsey.  The Boulder trail is paved and winds through the woods and is absolutely beautiful


Heading back on our driving adventure.  How can you not enjoy driving down a road that looks like this


We arrived at our destination.  Katie and Bryon suggested this place to us a few years ago.  It is a nice relaxed atmosphere known for their sandwiches, wood fired pizzas and of course their beer


A list of some of their menu


Bob tried they Musky Spit Ale.  As he said “just the name makes me want to drink it”

Bob gave it a thumbs up


Three of us ordered their stone fired pizzas and shared them so we could try a little of each one.  We enjoyed each pizza!

Troy was the odd ball with a pulled pork sandwich which I did not take a picture of as I was to busy enjoying the pizza and wine Tammy and I ordered


Good times with good friends on a road less traveled in the Northwoods

Aqualand Ale House is a place to enjoy!