Beautiful fall days.   The warm temps are coming to an end as the colors come out


Time to take the big pontoon on one last spin before taking it out for the winter


Loaded up and ready to head out of the lake


Enjoying another day at the office


Taking out the 28 foot boat is a a task.  Steve ready to carefully maneuver the boat out of the water with Troy’s help

I am standing back and taking pictures


This is the only boat we get special permission for to take out at a private landing on the lake.  This boat is too big to go in at Hilltop and make the corner.  So twice a year in the spring and fall we get the adventure of getting this boat in and out of the lake.  Not an easy task


Headed to the volleyball court for the winter until next spring


Back to enjoying the colors


We are full this weekend October 13th and 14th but have openings mid week and 4 cabins left for next weekend October 20th and 21st.  Give a call before fall, falls away