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It was a beautiful fall day with temps going to almost 70.  The colors were alive on the hillside

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With warm temps and cold temps not far away next week the guys got the itch to get one of the big docks out of the water


Slowly bringing the dock in

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Mastering the art of taking the dock out by boat and not in the water

Interesting story of the day, John Berschid who fishes the lake year round came by while the guys were working to tell them that he has spotted one of our boats at the bottom of the lake just off of the raft.  It is either our missing canoe from spring or one of the green boats we realized has been missing.  John has spotted it by camera and depth locator a couple of times.  Steve was all set to pull it out but we could not get a good fix on its location.  It will be a mystery for another day


Back to enjoying the color on the hillside


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We have one cabin left for the weekend.  Eagles Nest opens on Saturday.  Otherwise we still have cabins open for October 27th weekend