It was a beautiful weekend with warm temps and beautiful sunsets


Lots of fishing and good times.  The Voight twins, Samuel and Adam stopped by each day to show me their catch they got with their dad, Roy.  This weekend it was Northerns all over 21 inches 


The boys had fun trying out all the old lures in their dads tackle box that they had not used in awhile from their Opa Horst and their great grandfather

Lots of fun for them and reliving memories for their dad Roy of other days fishing with his dad and grandpa.  


Now that the weekend has come to an end and the wind has blown most of the leaves off the trees it is time to close up most of the lake front before snow flies

IMG_3724 (1)

Last boat rides


One of our boats is going into retirement.  Big Bertha has been around a long time but Steve says it is time for retirement.  Bertha’s replacement is already here for next spring.  Anyone who is interested in an old boat let me know


Seaweed all loaded up and headed out of the lake.  It is headed to the welder for a little TLC before next spring


All 4 pontoon boats out and in the volleyball court til next spring


Red ski boat headed over to the marina for winterizing and getting a new wood top this winter


We will go back to enjoying the remaining leaves on the trees and close up the rest of the place.  I hear Eagles Nest is being drained today and the fish house is not far behind.  The temps in the forecast mean winter is not far away

So far this weekend we have plenty of cabins to choose from.  Come on up and light a fire and enjoy some cool days in the Northwoods.  Every season brings its own feel which I love and late fall is time for fireplaces, naps and enjoying the quiet around the resort