The sun was out… but it was cold…. I was happily doing book work and the call came….  We need your help…  Come to the beach…

I should know by now what that means.  I get the call 2 times a year, spring and fall


The guys need help with getting the blue dock out


Penny has not figured out that going with Steve in a boat in late October is a cold place to be


Mack in his infinite wisdom of older dog knows the shoreline is the place to be


Dang Steve, the boat floor is cold for me to sit on.  Where is my ball…. hmmm ball Steve we left it on the shore by the shaggy one who steals it from me and won’t give it back….  Steve, do you see he has my ball?


Relax Penny, I am good at this and don’t rock the boat or we both go in


Now what do I do with this?  Hey quit taking pictures and come help


Can I get out of the boat yet? 


You guys could not have done this with out my help


Hey Troy lets let her think that til spring and next spring she gets the leaky waders and the lake temp of 40 degrees and we take the pictures