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Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours

Thanksgiving at the Cliff is lots of food, fires, games and laughs.

We had a full house at the resort enjoying the holiday

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The Robinson Family was up enjoying there 3rd Thanksgiving in Birchwood

Parchesse ws the name of the game in their cabin


The Walstad guys got done deer hunting for the day and football was on the agenda with them. They were grilling steaks later in the day and doing a double header of football.  I think the deer are safe today


The Rudatt family was all about comfy pj’s and doing puzzles

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Doing a puzzle by the fireplace how could Thanksgiving be better than that


Next stop was the Evans DeerCamp


These guys have spent 19 years in the woods across from the resort hunting and celebrating Thansksgiving together at the Cliff

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The Sveda family was keeping Bear Den rocking with games and food.  It has been 2 years since we have had the whole crew at the resort

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The owners of Blackwood the Zaremba family were up enjoying their 2nd Thanksgiving in their own cabin.

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I could not catch all of the Becksmith Family together in the cabin but I caught half of them at the playground before the turkey was cooked

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The Ring family enjoying their first Thanksgiving in Shamrock

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Cooking with a hungry dog was going on in Restawhile with the Hynes’

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Betsy and Marybeth enjoying their 19th year the Cliff with their 3rd dog since I have known them.  

Happy Thanksgiving from The Northwoods