The dogs and I took a walk in the woods to see what Troy and Steve were up to with chain saws.

The woodpile has been growing by the wood shed with what they are up to


We ran into Steve first who was looking up and analyzing the look of his new trail at the back of our property by Timber Ridge road at the end of the Red Trail we have already


Troy and the Gator were at the top of the hill on the old farm road that runs through our 4 Timber Ridge properties from the days when Timber Ridge was a field for cows


The guys were cleaning up the old road and seeing where they can connect things to our trails we already have.  A wind storm blew over these popple a few years ago and they are destined for the wood shed

IMG_4113 (1)

Making plans how to get he gator back to this pile of trees.  Maybe someday a cedar swing will be sitting here looking out at the small valley at the back of our property.

IMG_4115 (1)

Chain saw out of gas and headed back to the wood shed


Side Note:  If you are walking past the old green boats you might spot an old green mercury motor if you look closely.  We lost Troy’s dad this year and this old motor has wandered to our house and may make it on an old boat one of these days.  It still works.  It was used by both his dad and grandpa on their fishing adventures


Old Mercury motors that still work from your dad…. priceless memories. 

The old motor has found a spot to land in honor of a good man, Marvin Gibson, a good fisherman, father, father in law and grandpa.