Mack’s snow report this morning


Snow was slowly adding up and now with 5 inches of snow coming in last night and today it is time to enjoy the snow

IMG_4284 (1)

For some of us enjoying the snow means shoveling off the gator and plowing

Don’t let him fool you that he only works in the snow.  He is known to roll a mean snowball and rip it through the air at his wife and kids when they are not looking


Here is a good representation of what we have built up with more coming today

IMG_4283 (1)

If you are sitting in brown Christmas it is time to get out the sleigh and go over the river and through the woods to Black’s Cliff

December 30th so far is our only booked out night.  We have 5 cabins open over the Christmas weekend.  Give a call and jump in the sleigh